Name: Young Joon Hong
Position: Assistant Professor

Faculty: Dept. Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Engineering, Hybrid Materials Research Center & Graphene Research Institute
Mailing address: Dept. Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Engineering, Sejong University, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul, 143-747 Republic of Korea

Group Website: 


2004-2011: POSTECH, Korea / Ph.D (Materials Science & Engineering)
1998-2004: Korea University, Korea / B.S. (Materials Science & Engineering)

Professional/Academic Experiences
2012-present: Assistant Professor (Sejong University, Korea)
2011-2012: JSPS Research Associate (Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics, Hokkaido University, Japan)

Honors & Awards
Gold Medal, Best Invention Prize & Best Invertor Prize (2008 Salon International des Invention, Geneve, Switzerland)
Young Scientist Award (2007 E-MRS Spring Meeting, Strassburg, France)

Research Interests
Semiconductor/Graphene van der Waals Heteroepitaxy
Semiconductor 3-D Nanoarchitecture DevicePhysics & Chemistry for Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Selected Publications

1. "Van der Waals Epitaxial Double Heterostructure: InAs/Single-Layer Graphene/InAs" Adv. Mater. 25, 6847 ('13) (Featured as back cover) (Link)

2. "van der Waals Epitaxy of InAs Nanowires Vertically Aligned on Single-Layer Graphene" Nano Lett. 12, 1431 ('12) (Link)

3. "Visible-Color-Tunable Light-Emitting Diodes" Adv. Mater. 23, 3284 ('11) (Featured as inside cover & highlighted in Nature) (Link)

4. "Shape-Controlled Nanoarchitectures Using Nanowalls" Adv. Mater. 21, 222 ('09) (Link)

5. "Position-controlled selective growth of ZnO nanorods on Si substrates Using facet-controlled GaN micropatterns" Adv. Mater. 19, 4416 ('07) (Link)